News - August 25, 2015

Dear Friends and Co-laborers,  

Recently Annis and I had just returned from over three weeks in Mexico, were home one day, and received a call from Annis' sister that her husband had just passed away. The family wanted us to do the funeral service, so Steven, Randy, Annis and I traveled to Missouri for the funeral and to be with the family. God's presence and blessing were evident and wonderful through it all.  We're now back home, playing catch-up, and getting ready for our next trip to Mexico on Wednesday, August 26.


Our last ministry time in Mexico (July/Aug) included...  

  • A visit to Teloloapan (4 hrs. south of Mexico City) with pastor Gabriel, a precious spiritual son. Sunday service and a time of teaching with his leaders.
  • A seminar in Arcelia (1 hr. beyond Teloloapan) on "The Stewardship of Leadership," and a visit to pastor Luis' church.
  • The graduation of about 18 students of the Bible School in the Fuentes church in Mexico City, plus several other times of ministry of the Word there.
  • A 4-day seminar in another Mexico City church on the topic: "Apostolic Ministry."  
  • This was a time of training for members, leaders, and pastors of a work headed by pastor Antonio... plus two Sunday morning services.  A very fruitful time!

Milestone: 55 Years

Last month I completed 55 years of ministry. The most outstanding feature of all those years is the faithfulness of God... How faithful He is, and how wonderful a "boss" to work for!  I wish I had several more lives to invest in His great enterprise.

Nicaragua Bible School Property

We are making progress toward the goal of purchasing the property in Nicaragua for a Bible School for training pastors and leaders. We have reached the halfway mark. But I'll let Steven and Leslie report on that in their enclosed letter.  Thank you for your generous donations!  If you haven't done so, please pray about helping with this worthy project, as we now face the challenge of the second half.

New Book: Joyas de Oro

I am working on my fourth book in Spanish, a collection of quotes from famous people, (most of which I'm having to translate into Spanish), which provide counsel, inspiration, and teaching on a variety of topics, and seasoned with wisdom from the Bible.  Title: Jewels of Gold (Joyas de Oro).  I hope to get it printed this year.


Seminars in Nicaragua (October);   A School of Ministry in TorreĆ³n, Mexico (November). 

Annis and I want to thank you for your love and prayers and financial support. You are an enormous blessing to us.  May God bless you.  

Larry & Annis Schnedler

Steven Schnedler: "We have accepted the call."

After years of working successfully in the secular marketplace, Steven has decided to God's call into full time missionary work beginning in Nicaragua where he will assume oversight of the 40+ churches that already exist. Along with his wife Leslie, Steven's commitment represents a complete step of faith.

Steve steps away from his secular job in two days. In this video recorded late last year, Steve talks about the reasons that led to his and Leslie's decision, the five goals for Nicaragua, and the need for support to make this happen. Lend a hand on our Partner page.